Aldo Leopold Nature Center’s Maple Syrup Fest


How much do you love maple syrup? Breakfast’s best topper is the star of this show scheduled for March 26th from 1 – 4 p.m. at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center! Admission is just $29 per family or $8 per person. It’s Madison’s way of ringing in the spring with a family festival. Stations are peppered throughout the grounds, leading guests through the science and past of maple syruping.

See how Native Americans traditionally created maple syrup, and try your hand at “tree tapping” to begin the syrup-making process. Of course, there are also plenty of syrups and candies for sale. All proceeds benefit the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.

A Sticky Situation

What’s waiting for you at this unique festival? You can tap and taste real maple tree sap directly from the source—get a taste of how syrup starts! Test your syrup knowledge with the Maple Syrup Trivia game, and learn more with the “Build-a-Tree” game. You’ll be treated to lectures by “tappers” who show audience members the new and old ways of tapping.

Take a tour of the Rustic Children’s Shack, and check out the cooking demonstration highlighting how early pioneers used syrup. Ice cream sundaes topped with real, pure maple syrup is a sweet ending to this fun-filled day.