History of Madison Mascots

Mascots set the attitude and atmosphere for many sporting events, and in Madison it’s  no exception. There’s Bucky Badger of the University of Wisconsin, who’s technically un-named (although “Bucky” is the unofficial moniker). He first appeared in a school paper cartoon in the 30s with a W sweater and a fierce face.

Art Evans, a Californian, was commissioned to create him for good in 1940, and prints were first available at Brown’s Book Store. Local artist Thomas Spiece created Bucky wearing boxing gloves a few years later, which has remained one of the most beloved depictions. In the early years, a real badger was used but proved to be too rambunctious and retired at the Henry Vilas Zoo.

Full length portrait of a young man in bear costume

The Wolfpack

The Wolfpack is Madison’s indoor football team, represented by “Alpha.” The choice for this mascot is pretty clear, although he’s still in his puppy stage. The Wolfpack was just inaugurated in 2009, and Alpha still has to prove himself alongside the team.

The Madison Mallard represents the local minor league baseball team. The costumed character is available for events, meet and greets, and brings a flight of fancy. Madison and Wisconsin mascots largely represent animals that can be found nearby. Which team (and mascot) will you take a gander at during your travels?