Jailbreak Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k


On April 29, there’s gonna be a jailbreak – in nearby Wautoma with over 500 runners and walkers taking over the streets. Wautoma is a small and quiet town 85 miles from Madison, except during this annual event. Every year, the Crime Stoppers Jailbreak races take place to benefit the local non-profit that’s fighting crime and improving public safety.

Wautoma is well-known for its small-town charm, and only 2,000 residents call it home year-round. It’s also famous for the forests, clear rivers and streams where there’s bountiful hunting and fishing opportunities. Skiers and snowmobilers also love the area.

Break Free

All runs begin at the fairground before starting to wind and loop through the town. There are some moderate hills for the marathon and half-marathoners, but the first three miles are relatively flat for the 5k racers. For the most part, it’s all rolling hills and gorgeous views.

Cool and cold weather is possible this time of year, but the average race day temperature is in the 50s. To find out more, register, or check out the course map, if you’ll be cheering on a runner, visit the official Jailbreak site.