Korean BBQ Options

Sep 22, 2017

The weather is getting cooler, and that means it’s the season of tabletop grilling and soju cocktails. When only Korean BBQ will do, Madison has you covered with a plethora of authentic joints serving unlimited sides of kimchi, radish, that addictive bean paste, seaweed strips and more. Start your journey at the aptly named 5 Star Korean BBQ.

Whether you’re after that spicy bulgogi, want the perfect bowl of bibimbap or it’s the seafood pancake that you’re craving, this BBQ joint has it all. For dessert? Fresh fruit and melon, the perfect sweet ending after an ample meal of DIY barbeque.

Madison’s Got “Seoul”

At K-Peppers you can customize your spice, making it the perfect pick for a group with diverse spice tolerance levels. Start with their steamed or fried pork dumplings before moving on to the chicken bulgogi, japchae (sweet potato based noodles) or their signature pork bulgogi bibimbap (best doused in ketchup if you want to enjoy it like contemporary Koreans).

At New Seoul Korean Restaurant, the kimbop (Korean sushi) is the perfect starter while the tukbokgi is highly addictive thanks to the dense rice cake sticks caked in fish oil. Grilled options include bulgogi and galbi with your choice of protein.

Where will your Korean cravings take you?