Oh, Honey!

Nov 6, 2017


When it comes to food, Madison is famous for its dairy, but don’t overlook all the buzz about bees. Honey farming is big business around Wisconsin, and especially in Madison. At Mad Urban Bees, you can visit the beekeepers daily and even take a beekeeping class or two. Learn more about the magic of honeybees, what you can do to help them survive, and the deliciousness of truly organic, local honey in all its shapes.

Visitors can taste a variety of honeys on site, but if you still can’t decide which is your favorite, sign up for the Urban Honey CSA! Every batch of honey has a unique flavor based on the flowers and farming locations. Become a member, and you’ll get a jar of honey from every hive batch throughout the season, and save up to $3 per jar in the process.

The Sweetest Thing

Located at 909 Sequoia Trail in the city, this is a fun and tasty stop for every Madison visitor. As the first commercial urban apiary in the U.S., Urban Honey depends on local gardens, trees, flowers and parks for its decadent taste. Currently, Mad Urban Bees has over 80 hives around town.

“Types” of honey changes annually, but all are bottled in small batches. Such a practice preserves the seasonality and locality of the honey. “You are truly tasting the variety and diversity that Madison has to offer,” says owner Nathan Clarke. Wine tasting descriptions are used to help visitors relate to what they’re tasting—pure, raw, unfiltered honey.